Vertical roller mill in cement industry

vertical roller mill in cement industry

Cement drying is to reduce water slag and other materials to improve grinding efficiency, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of saving energy. Evaporation temperature is too low will lead to decreased strength if needed to maintain the same output, the heat exchange area should increase, it means a large device size, thus leading to increased equipment costs for later customers. Slag grinding process of drying part is very important, the drying temperature should not exceed 450 degrees, if more than 450 degrees will reduce the activity of the slag, to the detriment of the interests of potential customers. This is also the recent years, SBM large vertical roller mill in cement industry can be widely used reason.

How to choose a suitable drying system to improve the drying efficiency of enterprises, reduce costs, we must on the merits of the various grinding equipment for comprehensive understanding. How to control the quality and control of active dry slag and other materials, cement companies to become a key issue generally ignored. The vast majority of slag material moisture, etc., because of the weather and the length of storage time, leading to their constantly changing.

SBM produced large vertical grinding mill is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, the powder in one large milling equipment, which uses a hot stove supporting delivery of materials, the moisture in the material can be controlled by a larger time inlet air temperature, moisture content so that products meet the requirements, the use of large-scale vertical milling machine and drying equipment for use, the effect will be better.

Vertical roller mill cement production industry to promote the successful transition

In modern cement industry production systems, grinding operations include raw material grinding, cement grinding, grinding slag and coal preparation. Cement grinding unit is generally believed that the power consumption of materials integrated power consumption accounts for 60% to 70%, therefore, improve efficiency, reduce power consumption grinding the cement industry has been grinding technology research focus.

LM series vertical grinding mill is an energy efficient drying and grinding equipment, set crushing, drying, grinding, classifying, transport as a whole, vertical roller mill using limited material bed powder grinding principle, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, high drying capacity, product fineness easy to adjust, the process is simple, small footprint, low noise, no dust pollution, low wear, easy maintenance, reliable operation . According to statistics, vertical roller mill milled material than can be saving 20% ​​to 30%, grinding slag can save 30% to 40%, in foreign countries has been very widely used. In China, Nissan more than 5,000 tons of new dry process cement production lines and an annual output of 500,000 tons of raw materials grinding slag grinding lines have all been over with vertical roller mill, remarkable energy saving, environmental advantages, and have achieved good economic results . Vertical roller mill in cement industry, a lot of promotion, coal preparation, slag grinding, grinding calcined gypsum and grinding non-metallic mineral in large quantities, while the cement clinker, slag pre-grinding, it also has a good prospects for development.

With vertical mill technology continues to mature, especially since the sixties of last century, was born kiln decomposition technique to large-scale development, vertical mill has been widely used in the cement industry in foreign countries, its technological level has been further improved and perfect. Overcapacity in the cement vertical roller mill capacity, reliability, easy operation and maintenance, vertical roller mill will be more effectively promoted in cement companies, can bring greater benefits for the enterprise.