The advanced nature of SCM ultrafine mill

SCM Ultrafine Mill To Produce Fine Powder,Super Fine Powder Materials.

Product Structure Innovation

SCM ultrafine mill is the study of the structure ring roller mill , vertical mill developed on the basis of a new structure . The equipment consists of the host , superfine turbine classifier , reducer, high pressure blower , cyclone collector and piping system. Hosts include: bearing, spindle , pallet , case, cover cylinder, grinding ring , roller device , the spring rod device , suspension and other components. The lower end of the housing and the base is fitted on the upper end , has a central air inlet , the upper cover cylinder associated . Through spindle bearing fitted in the base, the lower end of the spindle head is equipped with couplings , spindle associated with the tray top , top with grinding ring cavity trays , trays with rejection lower end plate . Cover the top of the housing cylinder , the upper end of the lower end face associated with the housing , the end associated with the extension casing . Suspension cylinder by an upper fixed cover the outer circumferential surface. Roller device through the pin hinged suspension device, roller device in a T-shaped roller sleeve , roller sleeve T ends by joining the fork spring lever associated with the two . Roller device by a discharge tray , roller , closures , roller sets , roller shaft , upper and lower bearings , gland components. Suspension device consists of hangers , hanging rack shaft , suspension seat , pin components.

Grinding Principle Innovation

Grinding roller and due to the gap between the grinding ring (3-5mm), iron and iron is not in direct contact , but indirectly through the material layer is polished , so that the quality of the powder grinding out : iron content is low, can not afford white degree , the crystal structure of the powder does not change much wait on. The device is less wearing parts, low maintenance cost , SCM ultrafine mill in many Central spin ultrafine mill is saving the best ideal equipment.